Shanghai Spots

Skatespots in Shanghai

Shanghai Spots

Map Updates


Some new map updates.  If you are opening it on your iPhone or Android, the spot map now contains links to click that will give you the location of each spot in your phone’s maps app.  If you’re on a computer, the Google Maps link will also work, but if you’re in China, you’ll have to open it with a VPN.  Currently, if you open the link to the map from within WeChat, the link to provide directions to the spot via Apple or Google Maps will not work, since deep-linking, as the method is known, is not allowed in WeChat, though I may be able to figure out a way around this.  Later on, I’ll probably insert another tab for spot directions via Baidu maps.   In the mean time, I’ve more spots, as well as pictures for most of them, with more to come soon.

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